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  • 20 Sep 2019

Going Back To Nature: Benefits Of Going To A Naturopath

Naturopathy is a blend of natural and conventional medicine which uses natural treatments to access the self-healing ability of a person. Different from medical doctors, naturopaths (ND’s) have a holistic approach to illnesses. They are using medicine borrowed from Mother Nature, such as herbal treatment, homeopathy, and massage therapies.

Australia and Naturopathy

Contrary to popular belief, naturopathy is not witchcraft. Naturopaths in Australia are learned individuals who have completed their education in accredited colleges and universities. Although Australian law doesn’t denote the necessity for the education of an ND, several professional organizations only recognize schooled/trained ND’s. An example of a professional body is the Australian Natural Therapists Association (ANTA).

Principles of Naturopathy

Generally, naturopathy follows the principles of first do no harm, and the healing power of nature. As a whole, the naturopathic practice believes that true optimal health can be obtained if the inherent healing capacity of humans is triggered through non-invasive and natural procedures.

Benefits Of Going To A Naturopath

Begin your treatment with extensive consultation with the doctor. ND’s, when consulting new patients, will offer a session lasting up one and a half hours. In this time, ND’s will inquire on the lifestyle, family background and history, eating habits, medical history, and others. ND’s try to get acquainted with the whole person of their patients – their physical, mental, emotional, social, and environmental aspects.

Learn how to heal yourself. ND’s believe that they have dual purposes: they heal their patients, and they help their patients heal themselves. They act as teachers to share with their patients the knowledge towards self-healing.

Get to the roots of your illness. Naturopathy believes that symptoms are just external signs of an internal disorder in a person’s life. Rather than reducing symptoms, naturopathy strives to eliminate the illness itself by finding the underlying causes hidden within a person’s lifestyle, habits, and even stress levels.

Prevent the illness before it could attack you. More so than the cause, naturopathy gives the highest importance to prevention.

Depend on natural medicines rather than synthetic ones. The main feature of naturopathy is its blend of natural and conventional medicine. Subsequently, ND’s will usually prescribe lifestyle changes, stress management tactics, and herbal diets to trigger the self-healing power within each person.

We diagnose, prevent, and treat acute and chronic issues in naturopathic way to restore optimal health by supporting your inherent self-healing process.

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