In Clinic Testing

In Clinic Naturopathic Tests will Assist us in Understanding Insights of Every Individual Case

Live Blood Evaluation – A droplet of blood is extracted from your finger and observed under a microscope. Evaluations may indicate inflammation, digestive dysfunction, oxidative stress and nutritional deficiencies.

Quadscan Bioimpedance Analysis (BIA) – BIA is a science that was originally developed for monitoring patients after surgery in a hospital setting. The Quadscan is a TGA approved medical device. In testing, leads will be connected to your hands and feet and pass a pain free, low voltage electrical current through your body. This is completely safe, and results give insight into aspects of your health such as fat and muscle mass, hydration, metabolic prediction markers, and suggested calorific requirements. BIA can also help to monitor your cellular health and energy levels in response to treatment.

Urine Metal Testing – A urine sample will be analysed for traces of Mercury, Lead, Copper and Cadmium, which may be pathogenic at high levels.
Zinc Tally Test – A quick in clinic oral test gives an indicator of zinc status.

Blood Pressure and Pulse Reading – Raised or lowered blood pressure may give insight into arterial and adrenal function as well as stress levels.

Urinary pH Testing – A simple dipstick test gives an indicator as to how well your body is clearing acid through your urine.

Salivary pH Testing – A fasting test requiring at least two hours from eating or drinking to ensure that the food consumed does not alter test results. A closer indicator of the blood pH, and another measure of the acid/alkaline balance of your body.  The strip will change colours based on the results.

Urinalysis – With this dipstick test, 10 metabolites may be detected in the urine, indicating levels of health or the possibility of further testing. This includes parameters such as glucose, blood, protein, bilirubin and more.

Iridology – An observation of the iris, pupil and sclera may indicate areas of inflammation and oxidative stress within the body. Organs or areas of genetic weakness may also be highlighted.

We diagnose, prevent, and treat acute and chronic issues in naturopathic way to restore optimal health by supporting your inherent self-healing process.

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